Market Reef, dates and operators

Time to spill some of the beans regarding the upcoming DXpedition to Market Reef. We’re all very excited and looking forward to this operation.

All operators have now confirmed that they are committed to the plan, with the blessings of their XYLs.

We’ve received a few requests regarding bands and modes, and we will certainly take those into account. Let’s just say we have looked at ClubLog’s stats on recorded activity from Market Reef, and will give some of the slots a well-deserved update soon.

We will soon get together for a planning meeting, where we will outline the plans and start making a proper equipment checklist.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the interesting bits:


May 20th – May 27th


Bjørn, LA1UW
Kristoffer, LB0VG
Stian, LB5SH


80m – 4m. 2m will be considered if there’s interest.
Two stations with operators working on shifts.


SSB, CW, digital (FT4/FT8)

Mode details will follow soon.

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