My name is Stian, I’m (currently) a 48 year old systems developer, electronics hobbyist and aspiring DX adventurer. I love contesting and chasing DXes, and I strive to make the hobby a little more enjoyable for everyone else.

Being a radio amateur is the perfect excuse to explore the world. I was born curious, and always wanted to see every corner of every continent. I’ve visited many places before discovering the hobby, like Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and most of Europe, however the hobby has pushed me further to explore the world beyond the typical tourist traps.

My radio license was issued in 2016 so I’m still quite wet behind the ears. I love the hobby and invest a lot of time and effort into it, both in terms of operation and the technical side of it.

I’m mostly active on HF where the majority of my QSOs are either SSB or digi modes, but I once in a blue moon you might be able to hear me on CW and RTTY also. I also occasionally pop up on VHF when the bands are open – tropo and sporadic E is very entertaining, but MSK is out of this world fun, quite literally speaking.

I live in Trondheim (JP53ej), Norway, two my two kids, Ludo the dog, and of course my loving, patient, and sometimes forgiving wife. I also live in a HOA, which means that my antennas need to be small and discrete. I prefer a low profile, both to my neighbours and my wife.

My primary callsign is LB5SH, which explains the website domain name. In contests you’ll find me using the contest call LC1R; only one character shorter, but quicker to pronounce and much easier to key in CW – try it yourself, dit-dit-dit-dit-dit…

On this blog you’ll find my reports from various expeditions, my plans ahead, contests, antenna experiments, repair work, and generally speaking ham radio rambling that may or may not interest you.

My local club: http://www.la2t.no/

My QRZ.com page: https://www.qrz.com/db/LB5SH