Here is a list of all the past, and officially planned radio adventures I’ve participated in. I’m always working on new and exciting destinations to transmit from, and have a few more currently on the drawing board. Keep an eye on this blog to see what’s up next!


Market Reef (OJØ, IOTA EU-063)

Dates: May 20th – May 27th
Contests: TBD
Modes: SSB, Digi, CW
Bands: 80-4m. 2m undecided. 160m if condx are great, but no priority.
DXpedition web page: https://oj0.no/


Market Reef (OJØ, IOTA EU-063)

Dates: September 16th – September 24th
Contests: None
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: OJØ/LB5SH

Åland (OHØ, IOTA EU-002)

Dates: September 15th
Contests: None
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: OHØ/LB5SH
Info: Sporadic activity, testing equipment before DXpedition to Market Reef.

Øksningan, Herøy (LA, IOTA EU-062), SOTA

Dates: July 16th – August 1st
Contests: RSGB IOTA Contest
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: LC1R in contest, LB5SH/P from SOTA

Jan Mayen (JX, IOTA EU-022)

Dates: Late June, 2022, 4-5 days of activity.
Contests: If time permits, King of Spain
Modes: SSB, DIGI
Calls: JX/LB5SH, JX2T in contest

Update: Cancelled, see this page for details.

Alternatives currently being considered: JW Svalbard, 3A Monacco, OH0 Åland


Faroe Islands (OY, IOTA EU-018)

Dates: September 17th – 20th
Contests: SAC CW
Modes: SSB, CW, Digi
Calls: OY/LB5SH

Øksningan, Herøy (LA, IOTA EU-062)

Dates: July 18th – August 4th
Contests: RSGB IOTA Contest, Russian WW MM, RSGB FT4
Modes: SSB, Digi, CW
Calls: LB5SH, LC1R

Svalbard, Norway (JW, IOTA EU-026)

Dates: March 26th – 29th
Contests: CQWPX
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: JW/LB5SH, JW2T in contest