Here is a list of all the past, and officially planned radio adventures I’ve participated in. Plans for 2022 are already in the works, and many exciting destinations will soon pop up.


Åland (OHØ), Market Reef (OJØ)

Dates: September 16th – September 24th
Contests: None
Modes: SSB, Digi

Øksningan, Herøy (LA, IOTA EU-062), SOTA

Dates: July 16th – August 1st
Contests: RSGB IOTA Contest
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: LC1R in contest, LB5SH/P from SOTA

Jan Mayen (JX, IOTA EU-022)

Dates: Late June, 2022, 4-5 days of activity.
Contests: If time permits, King of Spain
Modes: SSB, DIGI
Calls: JX/LB5SH, JX2T in contest

Update: Cancelled, see this page for details.

Alternatives currently being considered: JW Svalbard, 3A Monacco, OH0 Åland


Faroe Islands (OY, IOTA EU-018)

Dates: September 17th – 20th
Contests: SAC CW
Modes: SSB, CW, Digi
Calls: OY/LB5SH

Øksningan, Herøy (LA, IOTA EU-062)

Dates: July 18th – August 4th
Contests: RSGB IOTA Contest, Russian WW MM, RSGB FT4
Modes: SSB, Digi, CW
Calls: LB5SH, LC1R

Svalbard, Norway (JW, IOTA EU-026)

Dates: March 26th – 29th
Contests: CQWPX
Modes: SSB, Digi
Calls: JW/LB5SH, JW2T in contest