OJØ Q2/2023 – Quick update

The plans for Market Reef, OJØ, for Q2 2023 are all starting to come together. We have made our reservations at the lighthouse, transport by boat is booked, and the equipment list is being checked frequently. There are a couple of minor uncertainties we want to make sure of before going public with the details concerning dates, schedules, operators, etc.

The sea can be rough in that area, so one must expect changes in dates for departure and return home. No captain wants to take risks, and since we’re carrying a lot of heavy and expensive equipment you can safely say that the feeling is mutual.

In short, all four operators are highly motivated and can hardly wait to get to Market Reef and activate OJØ!

While you wait, make sure you follow 3Y0J, one of the most ambitious and exciting DXpeditions in a long time!

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