QRV from OJØ

I’m QRV as OJØ/LB5SH. I’ve been running SSB mostly, but have also worked a few FT8 contacts. I run skeds on request, let me know. As of September 18th I’m counting just shy of 1800 QSOs and I’m having the time of my life.

If you suddenly hear me pop up and answer someone else’s CQ it’s because I want to encourage others to call CQ as well. I have a few pileups from here; if you can’t break through, try calling CQ and who knows what will happen.

7 thoughts on “QRV from OJØ

    1. I worked 10m FT8 two days ago and had great succcess, but we’ve had some antenna problems due to the weather. Working on a solution, more 10m activity will come!


  1. Toby Sigouin

    Great to work you today – you were an excellent signal in Glasgow – many thanks and 73 from Scotland – Toby, MM0TSS


  2. Setsu Yoshimura

    Hi,This is JL1UXH.
    Thanks for the new one on 10m FT8 QSO from OJ0!

    Are you going to upload the log to the LoTW or only paper QSL from EA5GL as your QRZ.COM page says?



    1. Hi! Thanks for the QSO!

      I will upload logs to QRZ.com and LoTW to confirm QSO.

      If you also want QSL card, you should do this through EA5GL.


      1. Setsu Yoshimura

        Thank you very much and I am looking forward to matching our log on the LoTW!


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