It has been an exhausting week with very little sleep, extreme weather, antennas blowing down, shack RFI, QRM, condx going up and down, and whatnot. When I got back home I slept for 10 hours straight, and could easily sleep for 10 more.

Here are some photos from our trip.

All in all I logged about 5500 QSOs in total, that’s 3700 SSB and 1800 FT8.

The logs will be uploaded shortly to QRZ.com and LoTW, hopefully the first should start trickling in during this week. If you want physical QSL card, please forward your request to my QSL manager, EA5GL.

If you didn’t tune on my listening frequency: thank you.
If you politely waited when I struggled to read another station: thank you.

If you didn’t QSO with OJØ/LB5SH this time, there’s a chance you might get another shot at it in 2023…

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