IOTA, SOTA quota

Okay, let’s both ignore my horrible attempt of a wordplay in the title, and rather dig into what’s happened, and up for the upcoming month.

It’s been a few busy months with very little activity. I’m still a bit bummed that the JX Jan Mayen expedition got cancelled, but I’m on a constant lookout for alternatives. To complicate things further there’s an ongoing strike amongst the airline pilots in one of Norway’s biggest airline companies. And the prices for fuel has more than doubled the last six months (thanks, Putin!)

Going by car is still the most affordable option, so in two days I’ll be heading about 500 km north, returning to Øksningan, Herøy, in northern Norway. I’ll be operating in vacation style, on and off, for about three weeks. I will attend the RSGB IOTA contest using my contest call LC1R, as well as doing some portable activity from nearby summits as LB5SH/P. Adding a little casual FT8 operation to the mixture, now and then.

My locator will be JP66ca in IOTA EU-062, Nord-Herøy.

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