Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Akademisk Radioklubb (ARK) as LA1K/P in the Swedish portable test, SSA Portabeltest. LA1K mainly worked the 80m and 40m bands for the contest, while I kept a third station busy by calling CQ POTA on 20m. We managed to get Festningeparken a POTA id and did the first actiation of POTA LA-2523.

The two masts for the contest bands, the three stations were QRV from the tent in the middle.

The LA1K team were super efficient and had it all up and running in no time – I’m talking BBQ, masts, antennas, stations, power supplies, you name it.

Unfortunately, and I suppose it’s always this way, the conditions were not ideal. With 100W I only logged 9 chasers, however congrats to OM1AX who was the first POTA hunter to this park. The log for the POTA activation has been submitted and is registered on the pota.app website.

I also helped ARK out in the contest on 40m, and logged a few contacts there as well. Daytime 40m SSB in May is challenging enough, especially when the other parties are QRP (sometimes even 1W or less!)

Working with LA1K was a joy, and I’m looking forward to accompanying them again!

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