Return to Market Reef

Did you miss OJ0 the last time I was at Market Reef? Santa didn’t leave you anything under the tree this year?

I’m planning a new DXpedition to OJ0 Market Reef in Q2 2023, together with three other operators. We’re planning to keep two stations active around the clock, for about seven days. We will also give VHF a shot this time – 6m, 4m, and maybe even 2m.

The VHF operator have purchased a custom PA for 6m/4m, as well as the designated aerials.
I have purchased a 1kW PA tube workhorse, and will be on a lookout for a transistor PA to have as a backup.

We’re currently evaluating various antennas for the HF part of the operation.

More details will follow in January 2023.

Until then – happy hollidays and a happy new year!

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