I joined my group, LA2T, for the CQWW SSB contest this year. Along with three other operators we logged about 2,500 QSOs as LN2T. We had some unfortunate communication problems and planned poorly, so our stations were unmanned for several hours in the middle of prime time, so we missed out on a metric tonne of precious log entries. At the end of the day it was a decent result and in fact turned out to be the all-time high for my club, in this contest.

The condx were so-so, but Sunday evening 40m opened up great for us and I managed to reel in a decent pileup. I pushed myself to an average of 7 QSOs per minute for a long period. That’s approximately 8.5 seconds per exchange — needless to say, my mouth dried out and my ears still hurt from all the QRM! It was worth it, what an adrenaline rush when everything just “works” and the points keep rolling in.

The next big test for LA2T will be CQWPX in March 2022, we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly by then.

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