This weekend I worked the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) SSB on behalf of my club, LA2T. We were mainly two operators, with the exception of one extra guy helping out a few hours he had spare. Together we managed to log 972 QSOs for LN2T. My personal goal was 1000 in total, that’s close enough for me to call it a win.

All in all a good and fun contest, however I’m a little surprised and, to be honest, a little disappointed that there weren’t more Scandinavian stations involved. You could tell by the serial numbers returned by the DX stations; most reports were in the 40-50 range. I’m under the impression there weren’t many exceeding 100, and only a handful above 2-300. This could be explained by poor overall conditions for low powered stations. After all, our amplifiers got pretty hot running close to 1kW all the time.

Bad condx or not, we managed to log VK and ZA on 15m, ZL and BA on 20m which is a bit unusual for us and always bring a smile to our face. Even the 10m band surprised us with a couple of nice openings to EA8 and RA.

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