OY preparations

These days I’m preparing for the OY mini expedition. Just to spice things up, I recently received a notification from the airline that they’ve changed my flight schedule. My heart raced, but it turns out the plane is now taking off two hours earlier than planned. Other than getting up two hours earlier, I’m still on the schedule. I’ll stock up on those energy drinks the kids sip on these days.

Radio: I’m probably bringing my FT-950. It’s not the most convenient rig to run around with, but I know the radio inside out. I’m considering purchasing a smaller radio, but it takes time familiarizing with it, and I’m afraid the time running out.

Antenna: I’m bringing a EFHW 80-6m antenna and a spiderpole. As a backup I’m also bringing an soldering iron, a spool of wire and a couple of SO239’s. I also spoke with the hotel manager, and have received permission to mount the antenna on the roof of Hotel Tórshavn. The staff have been extremely helpful and welcoming all the way; I highly recommend their services the if you’re ever in town!

PA: I have received a new set of transistors but still not found the time to do the job. I’ve asked a good friend and highly competent electronics engineer at my local radio club to help me out, and we’re half way there. Hopefully it will be done in time, and I’ll have 2-300 watts more to play with. I will bring a backup PA if I get the chance.

COVID-19 test: I’ve booked a test to be taken less than 24 hours prior to take-off. Even though I’m fully vaccinated, the number of infections are increasing, so I figured I’m better off with one test too many, rather than watching the airplane taking off, form the ground. It’s 1200 NOK and five seconds of discomfort, worth it.

Language: They speak Faroese, Danish, and English, so language shouldn’t be a problem. English will be a good safety net when everything fails. I’m comfortable with speaking and understanding Danish (because Norwegian is pretty much just Danish, just pronounced right). Lika stuttligt: eg tosi eitt sindur føroyskt!

If time allows it I will rent a car and explore the island a bit. Maybe even pop over and visit OY6FRA, if they’re open.

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