Counting the days..

In exactly ten days we will gather the team and set course for southern Sweden, with destination Market Reef.

A lot of planning has been made; we recently announced all shack details including radios, antennas, and amplifiers. On the 18th we will pack the car full of gear, getting it ready for the 10 hour ride the next day.

The weather prognosis still don’t cover our departure day, but the days before are just on the borderline of what’s feasible. At the time of writing the forecast reports 7 m/s winds for May 18th. To make things more complicated, it’s also coming from north-east, which makes landing very difficult.

We are prepared to stay a day or two in Singö, in case the transport is postponed. If you catch us on the air with SM0 prefixes it simply means we’re delayed.

The website will be continuously updated once we have something to report.

Keeping our fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “Counting the days..

  1. Lajos

    Hello! We had a QSO on 20 May 2023 at 18:23 UTC on 14 MHz SSB with OJ0/LB5SH callsign. I think you coludn’t received my callsign correct. I uploaded our contact to QRZ page and LoTW. Please check your Logbook entry. My callsign is HA5OGR. Thank you and best regards!


      1. Lajos

        Thank you very much my friend! I just checked my LoTW and QRZ logbook confirmation but you did not confirm it yet. I hope you will do it soon. 73 de Lajos.


      2. Online logs coming up, use Clublog livestream for logchecks meanwhile. Thanks for the QSO, hope to hear you on other freqs


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