Happy new year

2021 is over, and let’s take a look at what happened, and what we have ahead of us for 2022!

Looking back through my contest QSOs, I found that I’m just shy of 10k QSOs from various contests, for my own log, and my club’s. I have no intentions of letting my foot of the accelerator yet, and will try my best to beat that in 2022.

As for expeditions, I managed to visit Svalbard and Faroe Islands in 2021, despite Covid-19 and travel restrictions. My nose might not forgive me for all the tests I’ve been through, but I think it’s definitely worth it.

Now, for 2022, I still have Jan Mayen planned, which will require most of my energy in terms of preparations, planning, buying equipment and so on. I’ve saved 10 vacation days from 2021 for this trip, so I can take some extra time off without spoiling all the planned holidays for my family.

Speaking of family holidays, my XYL suggested the other day that we celebrate next x-mas in Australia, and who am I to turn that offer down. I’ve visited VK twice before, but that was long time before I got my amateur licence. For this trip I might be QRV from VK4 and VK6, and maybe even ZL. If time and money permits, a short stay on Lord Howe Island VK9L will be considered, too. Anyway, time will show however I’m not confident enough to put anything down in stone yet, as this is mostly talk and vague plans at the moment. Fingers crossed.

In summation, 2021 was a great year, but 2022 will be better!

Stay tuned and I’ll see you in contests.. 73 de LB5SH Stian

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