This weekend I worked the Scandinavian Activity Contest (SAC) SSB on behalf of my club, LA2T. We were mainly two operators, with the exception of one extra guy helping out a few hours he had spare. Together we managed to log 972 QSOs for LN2T. My personal goal was 1000 in total, that's close enough …

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Just a quick update regarding the CQWW RTTY contest. I tried my best but many hours had to be invested in house chores and other miscellaneous family duties. You know the saying: happy wife, happy life. I managed to log 221 QSOs from my QTH, peaking 100W using an EFHW tossed up in a tree. …

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Covid negative, let’s go

Today I took yet another Covid-19, this time the variant which includes all the official paperwork required for international flights. The test results were negative, so OY/LB5SH is on schedule. I've also booked a rental car and have packed my bags - the luggage is borderline overweight, let's hope it slips through.